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Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 08 Sep 2011

I'm waiting for an email back, but they are an 'old school' type engineering company
and as Martin says, they aint exactly quick (unfortunately).

As soon as I get any news, I'll post it on here and let you all know.

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 04 Oct 2011

Any news on these Claire?

They've had the order almost 3 months haven't they? Shock

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 04 Oct 2011

lol, not quite Mike, the chap who builds these has been away, this is
his first week back so the order should be completed very soon (hopefully).

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 05 Oct 2011

Thanks Claire, fingers crossed for a delivery this month. Smile

Put my name on one when they do arrive Smile

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 05 Oct 2011

no probs Mike, you're top of the waiting list Smile

Re: Angle Drives - stu3954 - 09 Oct 2011

keep me top aswell please. i registered it last week, so just waiting for number plates.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 09 Oct 2011

lol, no probs guys, I'll be putting a call into them this week, so watch this space.......

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 17 Oct 2011

ok, good news for all of you with angle drives on order, I've been told today that
they are ready for despatch, so I'm hoping they'll be with me one day this week.

Re: Angle Drives - stu3954 - 17 Oct 2011

Great news. just in time. my car is finally registered and been driving it all weekend. with no speedo! who needs one anyway. keep me posted please.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 17 Oct 2011

no probs Stu, I'm reserving two, one for you and one for Mike, so that will leave one in stock,
which I might have for my car as I've had a non working speedo for the last 4 years..... lol

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 19 Oct 2011

Great news, thanks Claire. Smile

Let me know how much it is, and where I need to send the paypal to and I'll get it sent straight over.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 19 Oct 2011

price to the club has held at what they cost us last time, then its just postage on top, I send them
out Recorded Delivery, so they come in at £109 including P&P.

I've sent the cheque off to Speedograph for the angle drives, and I've asked them to send them to
me as soon as they get it.........

You can send a cheque made payable to DeLorean Owners Club to me, my contact details are in the
Club Magazine, and I'll get them sent out as soon as I receive them.

Re: Angle Drives - stu3954 - 19 Oct 2011

Great news. il send the cheque as soon as i can. thank you.

Re: Angle Drives - Guinney1971 - 20 Oct 2011

THEY'RE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Angle Drives - MikeWard - 20 Oct 2011

Big Grin Break out the ticker tape!

Claire, have just sent you a PM regarding payment. Smile