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Fog light switch - phil349 - 29 May 2009

Is it possible to use a rear demister switch in one of the normally blank spaces as a fog light switch? or something similar? I want to put the fog light switch in that area and it would be good if I could do something that matches with the existing switches.

Also could somebody run through how to modify the tail lamp boards for fog lights?

Thanks Big Grin

Re: Fog light switch - bozzzydmc - 29 May 2009

Not that this helps you but I started a 'How to' on this .. need to finish it off and put it up somewhere ...

Re: Fog light switch - Rich H - 29 May 2009

PM sent

Re: Fog light switch - phil349 - 08 Jun 2009

Thanks guys, could anyone do a quick run through of this for me? Just not sure what modifications are required on the light boards.

Re: Fog light switch - Dan6457 - 08 Jun 2009

DMC Houston sell a switch which is the same as a demister switch but with no decal on it. Then you can get a foglight decal to go on the blank switch.

Re: Fog light switch - phil349 - 08 Jun 2009

ah right, sounds good ill have a look on their website. I have found a fog light guide on the main club website in the tech section, didnt know that was there so I can wire those up now.


Re: Fog light switch - Guinney1971 - 15 Jun 2009

If you get stuck, always PM RichH (DOC-UK Technical Advisor) - he's done quite a few
of these recently for people, and has also redone one that had been bodged by someone
on another club member's car.

Re: Fog light switch - steve.s - 16 Jun 2009

i have used one reversing lamp for mine. (red bulb)

an easy job, and no cutting tail light pcb.

decals from 'vehicle wiring products'