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Frame Resoration - Bandit - 16 Feb 2008

I've just started, my frame restotation today. As soon as my electrician has been to wire up my new 2 poster ramp, I can lift the body off.
All I've really done today is removed some body bolts, rear facia etc.
The job will start in ernest once the ramp is operational.
I think Phil is gonna put some info in the Club Mag, so you can follow the resoration in there, we'll see how it goes.

- Tourettes Tony - 16 Feb 2008

good luck on that i have seen a body off the front while a new frame extension was weded on Shock TT

- Phil Peters - 20 Feb 2008

Yep, we will be following Julian's progress in the magazine, starting in issue 41 all being well. Looking forward to it! Big Grin